Friday, May 20, 2011

New Irish Tattoos 2011 In Different Styles And Designs

History Of Irish Tattoos 2011

Irish tattoos commonly depict symbols that are close to the bosom of Ireland. Among these is the shamrock which is regarded as the unofficial symbol of the land and is used to mark Irish heritage. As this design features a three-leafed clover, it can also signify good luck for the non-Irish worshipers of the tattoo.
The intricacy that comes with Irish tattoos is just one of many forms of art vested by the Emerald Isle. After all, poetry, music, and other art forms are greatly inspired by the Irish culture. With the nation’s obvious knack for detail and beauty, it really comes as no surprise that Irish tattoos are greatly sought after today, whatever nationality the wearer may have.

Irish Tattoos Ideas And Designs for Girls

Another worthy symbol depicted in Irish tattoos is the Celtic cross. In ancient times, the Druids upheld this as a symbol of the moon goddess. But come the dawn of Christianity, this cross took on a Catholic meaning as we know today. A usual adornment to Celtic icons is the Celtic knots, which are also interesting tattoo pieces in themselves. A three-cornered knot, known as the Trinity, represents oneness of the heart, soul, and mind. Other meanings associated with these knots are determined by their pattern and shape.

All information About Irish Tattoos

All these hold profound beauty and rich meanings which truly make Irish tattoos appeal not only to Irish natives, but to various breeds of tattoo aficionados across the globe.
The claddagh is another symbol that is native to the Celts. This symbol depicts a heart capped with a crown and bounded by two hands. Its interesting aesthetics is packed with meaning, with the heart representing love, the hands representing friendship, and the crown representing loyalty. Other symbols featured in Irish tattoos include the harp, which is a traditional emblem of Ireland; words written in Gaelic; and faeries. For More Information Visit Women Fashion.

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