Friday, July 8, 2011

Elaphant Tattoo On Hot Place

Elephant Tattoos – Is Elephant Tattoo are popular in girls

Though rare in body art, elephant tattoos capture a certain elegance and charm that make it worthy to be immortalized on one’s skin. People who choose elephant tattoo design are attracted to the meaning it holds—wisdom, graciousness, and strength are just some traits attributed to these huge animals. Moreover, several cultures hail elephants to be emblems of luck and good fortune.
The second approach illustrates a more realistic elephant, sticking to the intricacies of every skin lining. The animal is presented in a more natural setting, perhaps resting in the middle of the field, splattering water by the stream, or fighting with another of its kind.

Reason Behind the popularity of Elephant Tattoos

Some people prefer to keep their elephant tattoos simple, showcasing just the animal’s outline.
A common design has the elephant throwing its head passionately into the air. To add a kick to it, you may add finer design elements like gem, floral, or clockwork embellishments strewn across the animal’s body.

There are two approaches in designing elephant tattoos. The first uses a cartoonish theme, whereby certain parts of the elephant are highlighted. The designed may include overstated ears, tusks, or trunk—all accompanied by eyes with long lashes and an innocent gaze. The cartoonish elephant is often caught in bizarre situations, such as being tugged by a leash or lounging in the lap of a pin-up model. Due to its fun appeal, this cartoonish approach is the more popular design.

More pictures of Elephant Tattoos

Another beautiful design idea employs Indian aesthetics, whereby the god Ganesh stars in a portrait-style tattoo. Here, intricate facets and colors adorn the head and the trunk, fine-looking silks drape around the back, and jewels encrust the legs. To give it edge, you can paint the image in washed out hues of red, orange, yellow, and blue. If you’re not satisfied with just an elephant outline, you can have it in tile-work. However, the background stands as the more elaborate element in the design.
However you choose to have your elephant tattoos, you can be confident that it brings forth a bold front.

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