Friday, July 8, 2011

Latest Arabic Abaya Design Style

Abaya Latest Arabic Abaya Styles 2011

Abaya is mostly used in Arabic countries like Dubai, Iran, Iraq, Egypt and also in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh and this abaya is called arabic abaya. Abaya, Jilbab is a Muslim culture, to wear when even they have a outdoor visits. Even in Europe countries, Australia, Canada, USA (American women) or western girls (Muslim Girls Students) wear Abaya, Jilbab, Hijab or Ladies Scarf in schools, colleges and universities.
Arabic abaya 2011

Arabic abaya Styles pictures

Jilbabs, Abayas are used like a long upper or long coat but style is different the abayas are used to cover all the body. In Asia Abaya or Jilbab is also know as BURGA. These abayas which is I m going to share, have beautiful floral designs, baggy and fitted styles, heavy embroider, have beautiful drapes and drape-less and have beautiful neck styles.

It’s a gorgeous abaya design which is decorated with colorful floral designs and has floral net sleeves. This abaya has elegant lace border and showing good impression with Arabic Abaya Hijab.
It's a stylish Arabic abaya which is decorated with colorful floral design and have baggy sleeves. These types of abayas or Jilbabs are mostly used for some special event like as party wear abayas or any festival wear and looking gorgeous with Latest Islamic Hijabs.
This abaya is decorated with finest and stylish Swarovski crystals and have a western long coat style. The border of abaya is decorated with heavy embroidery and looking beautiful with Arabic bridal Hijab and also looking elegant with jeans pant.

Designs  of Arabic Abaya

Modern trendsetter Abaya in black color with is decorated with silver floral design which is pasted on front bottom, back top and sleeves borders. These V neck style of abayas are now mostly wear outdoor special events.
The abays is decorated with satin motif and zari, . This baggy and Arabic abaya styles can wear as casual war or daily wear
Stunning abaya which is decorated with beautiful stylish round neck. This arabic abaya style is taken from Egypt cultural traditional wear. The neck is decorated with golden embroidery.This is all about Arabic Abaya Styles.

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