Saturday, July 30, 2011

Popular of Dove Tattoos

History Of Dove Tattoos & Review

Nothing conveys simplicity and elegance the way dove tattoos do. Why, these tattoos soar very high in body art compared to its other avian counterparts.
Dove Tattoos

For the ancient cultures, the dove was a messenger. The Celts upheld doves as powerful omens of events to come. The Japanese once took this fowl to be a harbinger of the God of War. In tattoos, this role can be represented with a dove bearing the olive branch.
Doves are also unmistakably associated with peace and hope. This notion is more universal, in that you don’t have to observe any religion to pursue this symbolism. The simple and gentle features of a dove, when translated into a tattoo, make a fine gesture of goodwill.

Reason Behind The Popularity of Dove Tattoos

Most often that not, dove tattoos symbolize one’s religious beliefs. The bird is a recurring image in Christianity—from Scriptural passages down to church stained glass imageries. In Judaism, doves are held as pure and spotless creatures, worthy as a sacrificed to God.
Today, doves commonly mark the start of new life. In weddings, the releasing of two doves is practiced to wish the husband and wife luck and prosperity. It’s no wonder then why newly weds get matching dove tattoos, often featuring two doves carrying the same branch, to commemorate their union in matrimony. On the other hand, these white birds are also emblems of the afterlife. A lone dove with a year banner draping from its beak can stand for a loved one who has already gone into passing.

Find More Styles,Designs and idea of Dove Tattoos


Apart from its inherent symbolism, dove tattoos can be designed to mean something. A lone dove is an emblem of purity. This can be a fitting design for you to mark your bachelorhood or marital fidelity. Another tattoo depicts a dove done in a flag’s color, signifying your advocacy for world peace. Dove tattoos often take on black outlines; however, some people go the extra mile of filling the design in white ink.

Whatever symbolism and design fits your taste, dove tattoos can satisfy any tattoo aficionado’s fix for beautiful and significant body art.

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