Sunday, September 18, 2011

2011 Japanese Street Fashion Style Week

Modern Japanese Street Fashion Trends

Japanese Street Fashion Trends.
The many exclusive trends of Japanese Street Fashions are extraordinary, vivacious, fun and eye-catching.

All over the world the Japanese style stands out with exaggerated but appealing animation when it comes to fashion. The use of color in many ways, the layering of many varieties of fabrics and patterns, as well as the use of outrageous makeup designs, the Harajuku Fashion styles are original and fresh.
Every day Japanese clothing stands out, but it’s the Japanese Street Fashion that has fashion fanatics everywhere taking a closer look.Japanese Harajuku Fashion is an underground movement that is noticeable at all costs. It consists of many distinct styles that will definitely be adored and observed by many.

Traditional japanese street fashion

Street Fashion describes when someone customizes their own outfit by adopting a mixture of both traditional and current Japanese fashion trends. This technique of dressing creates unique and bizarre outfits that upon completion, can stand as exclusive works of art.
Clothing of the Future Unusual clothing for unusual people

Lolita in Japanese Street Fashion

Lolita has become one of the most recognizable styles in Japanese Harajuku fashion. In contrast to other types of Japanese street fashion, the Lolita style brings a cute and adorable aspect.There are three main subgroups of Lolita Fashion, they are Classic, Sweet and Gothic.
Classic Lolita is the most traditional, usually with an emphasis on red, blue and green colors. Classic Lolita has a business-like and mature look.Sweet Lolita is the most girly style. In Sweet Lolita there is an overall baby doll look that is achieved with pastel colors, oversized hair bows and adorable mini purses.
Gothic Lolita has become very popular. With an emphasis on dark colors and knee length skirts with plenty of volume, Gothic Lolita’s overall dark Victorian style stands out.

Visual Kei in Japanese Street Fashion

Visual Kei is also a very popular Japanese Street Fashion trend. Visual Kei is expressed by its striking bold makeup, bright colored hairstyles and extremely flashy costumed looks.

Kogal in Japanese Street Fashion

The Kogal look is based off of traditional female high school uniforms, but presented with a twist. The Kogal look usually has a shorter skirt than the typical school girl uniform and is worn with looser fitting socks.

Ganguro in Japanese Street Fashion

Ganguro style is one of the most current and popular styles of Japanese Harajuku Fashion. This trend consists of vibrant and flamboyant layered garments, ultra tanned skin and bleached hair. Platform shoes and distinct black and white eye makeup also play big roles in completing the Ganguro look.
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