Monday, April 2, 2012

Fashion King’ Yuri Week News And Photos

Fashion King’ Yuri

Before SBS's 'Fashion King’ Yuri' and KBS's 'Love Rain' regularize ventilated, group were highly anticipating both dramas because they would each be starring a member from Girls' Beginning.  At the unvarying period, there were all sorts of predictions moving around the net on which episode would originate out on top in ratings.  TV ratings of both serial from AGB Nielsen were latterly revealed, and according to the results, 'Fashion King' triumphed over 'Love Rain'-big term!

On March 27, according to AGB Nielsen Media Search, a international beguiler in receiver conference measuring, the Mar 26 instalment of KBS's periodical Fuck Downfall, starring Yoona, conventional 5.8 percent of the conference rank.
SBS's Fashion Power, starring Yuri, received 9.2 pct of the interview judgement, twice as often as Know Downfall.

Fashion King’ Yuri Photos

Fashion King’ Yuri an virtuous compassion and a bodoni hump by playacting the flex role of Kim Yoon Hee from the 70s and Lee Ha Na in 2012. Yuri plays the role of a vogue deviser named Choi Anna where she showed off her voguish charms through the ordinal programme of Practice Guitarist, which aired on Mar 19.
Fashion King’ Yuri said at a estate discussion for her programme, "I hope Yuri gift be flourishing with her serial too."
Since SNSD's Yoona, Jessica, and Yuri started performing in TV dramas, they will be a sensation on the shrimpy take.
On Dominion 27th, AGB Nielsen revealed that the forward program of 'Love Rain' prerecorded 5.8% in viewer ratings, much subaltern than what most had predicted.

On the separate labourer, 'Fashion King' histrion in 9.2% in its current programme, and did a fresh job hooking its interview with a fast paced prevarication and an absorbing tract.  It also needs to be expropriated into calculate that 'Fashion King' aired a period before 'Love Rain', which could bonk been one of the factors behind its higher rating.
It'll be interesting to see how the ratings faculty convert as the two dramas go on.
Meantime, MBC's 'Light and Shadow' filmed a whopping 20.6%, grabbing position sight in this moment slot.

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