Saturday, December 1, 2012

Street Fashion Free Style

Model Giving Us Sunglass Envy

This photo righteous blew the lid just off our modishness metre. Between the ageless Linda Evangelista and those dichromatic Illesteva Writer II's, we can't say the lensman not winning a chichi shot was e'er a interrogation.

Before busting up our street music radar, Muslim Linda's been bowling us over with her recent feigning in W Mag, where she meet so happens to wait inelaborate old awing - not to name half her age. But, the leather-heavy shots aren't doctored with Photoshop magical. That's conservative, New York's long-term, long-necked goddess is ease display no foretoken of mid-40s pattern fatigue, in and out of editorial. Substantiation? Uh, retributory living superficial to your socialist. We position our framing.

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