Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Crystal-Crusted Gown Made with a 3-D Printer

“Dita’s robe,” a dress styleed for Alstonia scholaris Von Teese victimization three-D printing technology — that is most frequently accustomed produce objects and discipline models — caused a stir once it had been 1st shown at a conference on three-D design in the big apple last March. On June 12, it'll be the West Coast’s intercommunicate marvel, once one in all its masterminds, the costume and jewellery designer archangel solon, discusses the dress at an occurrence at the la County depository of Art.

The gown, that the L.A.-based solon designed with the Brooklyn designer Francis Bitonti (mainly via Skype, over a four-month period), could be a true wedding of fashion and design. Bitonti designed a digital model of Von Teese’s body that solon accustomed style the garment in order that it match the burlesque performing artist to a T. Shapeways, a pacesetter in three-D printing, created the dress’s seventeen sections, that were then assembled by hand before being polished, lacquered and crusted with quite twelve,000 Swarovski crystals. With a reticulated nylon structure connected by nearly three,000 distinctive joints, the robe is that the 1st absolutely articulated garment created victimization three-D printing.

“The crystals square measure the heaviest a part of the dress,” Schmidt, WHO has designed costumes for woman Gaga, Rihanna and Madonna, among others, wished to push the technology and explore its potential for fashion. The result's a esthetical, malleable garment that moves with the wearer’s body. “I typically use mesh and ring armor in my costume styles,” he said, “and i used to be fascinated by the chance to form one thing light-weight and fluid out of rigid materials. And this fall, the dress can come back to the big apple in “Out of Hand,” Associate in Nursing exhibition of digital style at the depository of Arts and style.

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