Wednesday, June 19, 2013

After $98,000 Crime at Tiffany, Security Tips From a Pawnshop

Tiffany & Company has been marketing jewellery in the big apple town since 1837, however it might appear the far-famed name might learn a factor or 2 from AN uptown clerk named Mattie Simon in East Harlem, and, particularly, what happens once she calls out for a cup of black occasional.
Another clerk, Felix, stops what he's doing and moves toward the store’s outside door. Felix watches and waits. nobody gets coffee; nobody extremely needs any. It’s a code.

There were no needs occasional at artist last week, and therefore the store suffered. A owesome-dressed man, in dark color suit, tie and riding cap, ANd carrying an umbrella, entered the noted salesroom on June seven. He asked AN worker for a more in-depth inspect a $68,000 jewelry, then a $30,000 one, fastidiously organized on a receptacle on the glass counter.
“How abundant would these 2 be along, with tax?” he asked. once the worker turned her back, he quickly scooped up the 2 necklaces. His getaway was captured on security video and appeared regular by the second. A guard had his back to the person, too, permitting him to pivot from the counter and stride out what feels like the store’s outside door, onto avenue, wherever he presumptively thawed into the gang. He has not been caught. A representative at artist declined to comment.

On the jeweler information measure, aloof from the instantly recognizable artist blue box, is that the photograph of a smiling fictional character, an exponent of greenbacks in his hand, WHO seems in advertisements for EZ Pawn firm. New Yorkers understand the corporate from its several posters in subway cars. there's no moving-picture show referred to as “Breakfast at EZ Pawn.”

Ms. Simon, the clerk, has worked within the pawn business for a few thirty years, presently at EZ Pawn’s flagship store on Lexington Avenue at 116th Street. She, Felix and therefore the owner, David Kaminsky, and his girl, Lauren, mentioned the artist heist. The Kaminskys watched the protection video.

“Her back is clearly turned,” Ms. Kaminsky aforesaid of the clerk.

At EZ Pawn, customers should be buzzed in and out, creating a concealed getaway tough. however withal, the protection measures in situ within the chain’s eleven stores area unit formidable.

No hooded sweatshirts area unit allowed, in order that cameras get an honest inspect all the shoppers. “If I see somebody with a hoodie.
Ms. Simon aforesaid that once a client entered, she checked out his shoes. If they're tightly laced, that's a symbol of trouble: “They’re a runner,” she said. it absolutely was found out to her that one or two of consumers were, at that moment, carrying tightly laced shoes and appeared innocent enough. She shrugged.

Clerks at EZ Pawn can show just one item at a time to a client — no exceptions. workers understand ne'er to tug out a full rack of rings, as a nimble criminal might, with the crook of a pinky finger, scoop one up whereas deception to look at another.

Then, there's that black occasional. every EZ Pawn store contains a distinctive code phrase for workers to use once a client is behaving suspiciously, like asking to ascertain multiple things directly. once this happens, Ms. Simon, WHO takes her occasional therefore light-weight it's onerous to inform there's occasional in there the least bit, shouts, “Go get my black coffee!” Felix, some-times the elected “runner” just in case a criminal flees, moves toward the outside door and keeps a watch on the client. Ms. Simon aforesaid she has created her occasional request sixfold a year about.

EZ Pawn wouldn't disclose alternative code phrases, however offered similar examples:
Ms. Kaminsky is aware of all the codes. “I have an inventory of them,” she said.
Where? “I can’t tell you that.”
It would take a reasonably huge paper bag to steal $98,000 of knickknack from EZ Pawn, wherever the costs area unit additional humble than those on the bottom floor of artist. EZ Pawn lends money, too, ANd an investment in, say, an important gold chain is solely not worthwhile.

“I will place that money out on the road,” Mr. Kaminsky aforesaid.

The felony was a reminder to remain wakeful. “You wouldn’t expect one thing like this to happen at Tiffany’s,” Ms. Kaminsky aforesaid, “but it will happen anyplace.”

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