Monday, June 24, 2013

The autumn/winter 2013 fashion weeks showed us clothes we can really love

Autumn and Winter 2013 Fashion Week Show

On weekdays the ultimate curtain reduced on the time period world merry-go-round of latest royalty, London, urban center and Paris fashion weeks. The garments within the three hundred just about catwalk collections shown over this four-week amount are going to be in retailers from August 2013 till January 2014.

These area unit the tasteless facts that underpin the premise of fashion weeks.  its fashion weeks were additionally concerning excitement, drama, young designers pushing crazy new concepts and difficult girls to precise themselves in creative ways in which.

But the autumn/winter 2013 collections weren't propulsion punches, as most brands centered their attention on doing terribly nice garments they apprehend their customers can obtain, within the absolute best method they savvy. At Chanel it had been all concerning techno tweeds; at CĂ©line fantastic flossy coats and knits; Valentino centered on exquisite dresses galvanized by Vermeer's lady with a Pearl Earring; Vuitton's purses were as luxurious as attainable.

For some editors this can be not the method forward. "Fashion desires radical design ideas, those that do new and exciting things," says married women garden tool, conducive editor of Yankee Vogue and also the British Fashion Council's ambassador for rising talent.

For others, the business approach could be a quiet revolution. "This 2013 season has been concerning fashion dress designers and makes returning to their core values," says Grazia's fashion director Susannah Frankel. "I dn't assume this can be boring. If something, it offers the client one thing she will be able to deem. It's a backlash against the vastness of recent years. What I look on the cat-walks was seperatel designers at their most authentic, which to Pine Tree State is exciting."

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